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How to support those with grief

What not to say to people who are grieving: Well, at least she lived a long life … so many others die young. I know how you feel (and then continue telling the person about a grief you had in the past) Be strong Aren’t you over him/her yet? Only the good die young....

Help for those who are grieving

When someone we love dies, it’s like an earthquake shakes our whole world. Something happens that’s not to our choosing and is not in our control – but it changes everything, the landscape of our life is forever different. When the earthquake happens sometimes we go...

Counselling help for workplace bullying

New Zealand has a terrible record for workplace bullying, in fact studies show that this country is among the worst in the world for this damaging practice. One of the issues for people who are bullied is that they often don’t realise it until it’s too late – until...

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